Jabberwockying, Ecstancy, Gestalt & Pears

I’m going to jabberwocky a term.  Are you ready to tintinnabulate?  (Especially the aurally synesthetic.)

I don’t mean to invent a word.  I mean to reveal it.

Here’s where I start: Flow.  In the pocket.  The Holy Ghost. In the zone.  Peak experiences.  Transient hypo-frontality.

Many different names for a phenomenon.  One that can be partially quantified.  This is your brain, measured by wave:

Beta  14 – 30 Hz  Engaged.  Busy thinking / cogitating.
Alpha 9 – 13 Hz  Relaxed.  Daydreaming.
Theta  4 – 8 Hz  Hypnogogic.  Meditation.  Altered.
Delta  1 – 3 Hz  Asleep.  Unconscious.

Or so we assume… Usually somewhere in the Theta zone.  Often with decreased activity (read: heat signatures via MRI scans) in the temporal (and often the parietal) lobe(s).

By the way, Hz = Hertz.  1 hertz means 1 cycle per second.  It is a measure of frequency.

Named after physicist Heinrich Hertz, who performed experiments with electromagnetic radiation – delineated by their number of cycles of electric and magnetic waveforms: how many cycles per second.  It is not uncommon for people to speciously associate higher hertz with something positive.  But as we’ll see, low and slow (as with barbeque) is exceedingly good.

(All standards of measurement named after people are capitalized: Hz.  But when described, they are spelled in the lower case: hertz.  Probably a standards committee made this rule: just the kind of scintillating discussion that we do in engineering standards groups.)

I learned the term “in the pocket” from Miles Davis.  Also from Thomas Sayers Ellis when he taught me about Go-go.  (It is difficult to learn the ephemeral.)

James Brandon Lewis told me he called it “the Holy Ghost.”

Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson) popularized “in the zone, man” in the Spike Lee Joint White Men Can’t Jump.  (Or he did for me at a formatively receptive time.)

I came across “Transient Hypofrontality” when researching papers in Science (although I was using World-Cat and not scholar.google.com).  I see it interspersed throughout, and it strikes me as just the kind of pseudo-scientific term that lends credence to an unedged argument.  Although “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” (Carl Sagan), that which seems evidence can lay a seam.  A phantom of a cornerstone.  A crafty term for an uncanny sensation.  Then I found it most frequently in reference to a group of people who are looking to monetize a methodology, and it made a lot more sense to me.

It is hardly intentionally ambiguous in the way that Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak determines hetero – reproductive normativity.  It is marketing.  

“Want to increase your worker productivity?  Pay for our seminar on how to induce transient hypofrontality, proven to increase worker output by 33%.  Transient: as in temporary.  Hypo: the opposite of hyper, so reduced.  Frontality: meaning in the frontal lobe, that 1/3rd of our brain that is proportionally larger than in any other animal, and grants us the capability of highly abstract and critical thought.”

The form and meaning space.  When the shape characteristics of a “word” (signified) (and not just imagistic shape, but sound (phonological) shape, too) project semantic content:



Which of the two figures above is named “takete”?  Which one is named “maluma”?

(This is a Gestalt exercise.)

Transient Hypofrontality is a coined word.  Mechanistic and engineered.  Jabberwocky is a kind of amalgam word, and also very evocative; generative.  (Try not to picture a jabberwocky when I say ‘jabberwocky.’)  Tintinnabulate is a revealed word.

My word is:


One thing that binds this packet {flow, pocket, zone, peak} together is timelessness.

Existence, immanence, extant, in a judgment-free and non-analytical (a-analytical) (ecstatic) condition “in the moment” (somewhere with theta waves off your brain).  Like when Peter Pan says, “Thank you for being.”  You are being.  I is being.  Vosotros est.

You cannot cycle without time.  Ecstancy is like light: behaving as both a particle and a wave in an instant, and over time (which is a sensation it distorts, or experiences as distorted).

So then it all goes pear-shaped.  Like atomic nuclei.

(Radium-224 isotope nucleus, from CERN.)

Time becomes intransversible.  Such are the implications.  So, in what other existence can we be?  None other than being in a state of ecstansy

Snicker snack.


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