1974.  Already sad and sensitive. bzBaby-1974
1979. BZAndAnnWithWesties-1979
1991.  Self-portrait with fish eye lens. BZFisheyeSelfPortrait-1991
1992. BZ Modeling Portrait-1992
1992 Passport photo. BZDepressedPassportPhoto-1992
1993.  Public bus somewhere in Japan. BZBus-1993
1994.  Book signing for my translation of ふるさとの城は… BZBookSigning 1-1993
1993 Ko Tao bugalow. bzBungalow-1994
1995. HeadShave 3-1994
1995, same day. HeadShave 4-1994
1995.  Poses were demanded. colorShots1-1994
1996. 上手投げ. BZ,Elliot,GaryAndSharkPortrait-1994
1996.  長野温泉.  190cm K2 KVCs, favorite bump skiis. nagawa-1994
1996.  With my college freshman roommate. JulesBZSpoons-1996
1999.  Sister’s graduation from med school/dental school. HarvardGrad-1999
1997.  With waitresses at an Irish Pub where I bartended. BZWithIrishBarWaitresses-1997
1997.  Back in the USA, with Maria and Lance Talon of Boulder Ink, old undergrad friends. Lance,Maria,BZ-1998
2000.  Christmas with sister in Florida. ChristmasWithSis-2000
1999/2000 New Year’s in Thailand, on Chris’s island, with old 上手投げ. OnChrisBalcony2-2000
2000.  Mamabird at Classic City Classic, Athens, GA. Ready to play-2003
2002.  Winning paper presentation at TPRC with Phil Weiser and Doug Sicker, my grad school mentors. withProfessors-2002
2001.  Crater Lake, OR. BZOnJake'sBoat-2013
2002.  Mu-chan and Richardo at Potlach. Adam,RichAndBZ-2002
2006.  My Sun workstation.  I chained myself here. RadarPhoto-2007
2007.  Across the street from my Sun workstation. P1010013-2005
2008.  上海. IMG_0081-2008
2010.  Amsterdam, reading. AmsterdamTramPensive-2010
2010.  Amsterdan, raining on the train. AmsterdanTram-2010
2012.  Back on the Silver Bullet gondola.  Saw a grizzy on Mt. Werner this day. IMG_9281-2013
2014.  Jimmy Mickle punched me in the face playing basketball.  Stanley Peterson laughing at me. IMG_0366-2014
2014.  Lake Como diving platforms.  Across the lake George Clooney has 50 vespas. IMG_0105-2014
2014.  Third nephew Dillon. DSC_6156-2014
2015.  Still taping my old fingers. IMG_0191